How do I find free German classes on Step-by-step instruction

Click on courses and enter your city or the postcode of your area into the search field. A list of different courses will be displayed. Here you can browse for a suitable German class or 1to1 lessons (individual private tuition with a teaching volunteer). There are courses with different levels of proficiency (Beginner 0/ Beginner 1/Beginner 2/ Intermediate 1/ Intermediate 2/Conversation). If you are uncertain about which level to choose, see the section "Levels" where you can find a detailed description. Also, take a look at the course descriptions; they may assist you in making the proper choice. All this information may be accessed without signing up for However, in order to get the exact address of the course location of your choice you have to sign up for and enroll for the particular course. After doing so, the teacher will send you a confirmation, whether you can join the course, along with the full address.

How do I register for

You can register for with your email address. In order to do so, you will need to enter a username, your email address and a password. After this, a verification message will be sent to the email address you provided. Please follow the instructions given there: follow the link and finalise the signup process. Your data will not be sold, shared or used otherwise and will be kept private.

How do I enroll for a particular course (after having registered) ?

After being registered on you may enroll for a particular German course or 1to1 lesson. If you click on the course of your choice, you will enter the dashboard of the particular course. Here you can click on "Join course" if you want to take part. You will be asked once again, whether you are certain. Please confirm by clicking "Yes" in order to join the course, or "No" if you do not want to participate. Only after being enrolled in a particular course and having received the confirmation by the teacher, you will be able to access any further information, e.g. the full postal address of the course location. In addition to that you will get an email with the details of your new course.

Why am I not able to see the course address?

First you need to sign up on If you need further instructions, please see FAQ "How do I register for". Then you can log in on After this, you may choose a course and sign up for it, see FAQ "How do I enroll for a particular course (after having registered)?". At this point you should still not be able to see the full address. After the teacher has confirmed your request, you will receive an email with the full address of the course location. Please bear in mind that it may take the teacher a little while before confirming your request, i.e. it may take some time until you will be able to access the full address. Please also check your spam/junk folder once in a while.