What is Deutschstunde.eu?

Deutschstunde.eu is a FREE platform connecting people interested in taking German lessons (1to1 or in courses with other learners) and individuals who are willing to teach German (either in a course, in form of 1to1 meetings or as teaching assistant). Here, you can browse and enroll for German lessons in your area. Furthermore, there are also other options to get involved: e.g. in form of providing a course location or offering child care during lessons, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any queries.

I want to learn German

Do you want to learn German? Sign up on deutschstunde.eu and enroll for German courses with fellow learners or to 1to1 (one teacher and one student) lessons nearby which are free of charge! Click on “See all courses” and enter your postcode to see all language classes in your area. See FAQ if you need further help with searching for or enrolling for free German lessons!

I want to teach

You would like to teach German to refugees, migrants or other interested people? Or you can also be assistant teacher for another course in case you don't feel ready teaching a full fledged course yet. Or you are an association already teaching German but in need of additional instructors or locations? Deutschstunde.eu is what you are looking for! Here you can offer German courses or personal German training (1to1). You can also browse for associations and groups in need of instructors.

You want to contribute but not in form of teaching


We are looking for locations for free German courses! Maybe you are in a club which has free rooms available at certain times? Or you are a company with empty offices in the evening? Or maybe you know a public space or an institution which could offer rooms for this purpose?


Especially women face problems attending German courses on a regular basis. Maybe you would like to contribute as babysitter during the time of the course?