It is desirable that the participants of one course share a similar level of language proficiency.
Here is an overview of the different levels of the courses that can be selected on this platform.

The following is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and shall be regarded as simplified means of categorising levels of language proficiency within the context of deutschstunde.eu.

Some teaching associations require a placement test to determine the personal level of the participant. You will get notified if your requested course is one of them.

Level Target group
What do I have to know before signing up?
What will I learn in this course?
- Conversation training, not a typical lesson/course in a classroom
- Small group of people; no placement test beforehand
Beginner 0
-No knowledge of the Roman script (German alphabet)
-No prior knowledge of the German language (reading/listening/speaking/writing)
- Learning the Roman alphabet
- First steps to writing/reading/speaking and understanding German basics
Beginner 1
- Knowledge of the Roman script
- No prior knowledge of the German language (reading/listening/speaking/writing)
- Usage/understanding of familiar everyday expressions
- Introducing oneself; Talking about personal details (residence, home, …)
- Simple interactions
Beginner 2
- Knowledge of topics which are the focus of Beginner 0 and Beginner 1 courses should be given - Routine social/communicative demands: personal/family information; shopping; local area, employment
- Coping with simple everyday situations, exchanging info regarding familiar issues
- Talking about one’s background/ education/ immediate environment/ basic needs
Intermediate 1
- Knowledge of topics which are the focus of Beginner 0 and Beginner 1 and 2 courses should be given
- Elementary proficiency in German
- Being able to deal with common situation when travelling in German speaking areas
- Describing (verbal/in writing) familiar topics, personal preferences
- Describing (verbal/in writing) experiences, hopes and dreams
- Describing/explaining/justifying plans and opinions
Intermediate 2
- Knowledge of topics which are the focus of Beginner 0 and Beginner 1 and 2 as well as Intermediate 1 courses should be given
- Independent user of the German language
- Understanding main ideas of complex texts on specific and abstract topics
- Spontaneity and fluency in conversations with native speakers of German
- Expressing opinions in a detailed manner on a broad range of issues
- Elaborate on current questions and being able to talk about advantages and disadvantages